Alex Anderson Kenney


Animation Artist: DreamWorks' Animation Television: HUB team,  January 2022 - Present
  • Provides support to CG animation teams for multiple shows
  • Provides CG animation notes to partner studios
  • Creates reference materials for animation production

Digital Animator/Compositor: DreamWorks' Madagascar: A Little WildAugust 2019 - December 2021
  • Creates all 2D animation for 2D/CG hybrid sequences in Madagascar: A Little Wild
  •  Solves challenges outside the scope of typical CG animation pipeline with custom artistic solutions and retakes
  • Works in a span of different disciplines and software as needed, including compositing, 2D rigging, CG modeling and texturing, motion graphics, and others
  • Communicates closely with other production teams on asset planning and creation
  • Assists on other DreamWorks shows as a Digital Animator on an as needed basis

Lead Technical Animator: Explosm
January 2019 - July 2019
  • Maintained responsibilities held under Animator title
  • Created organizational tools for animation and other artistic departments
  • Coordinated with pre-production and production teams to improve production pipeline
  • Managed asset delivery and technical animation solutions with out of house artists and studios

Animator: Explosm, June 2016 - December 2018
  • Produced high quality Toon Boom puppet animation on a rapid turnaround
  • Created custom solutions to problems beyond the scope of puppet animation through either traditional animation or technical animation tools
  • Developed new organizational tools to re-purpose assets used by animation and character design teams
  • Contributed frequently to other teams as needed, including animatics, character designs, and editing


Freelance Experience:

Freelance Animator: Lowbrow Studios
June 2018 - Ongoing
  • Accepts contracts on an irregular but ongoing basis for projects in a range of styles using Toon Boom and Adobe Animate
  • Works with supervisors and clients to implement feedback in web based studio environment 

Freelance Head of Production: Untitled Series PitchOctober 2017 - February 2018
  • Directed all visual aspects of production for grant-funded animated series pitch trailer
  • Contributed art at all stages of production, including concept art, character design, animation, effects, and editing using Toon Boom and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Reported directly to clients to plan and implement pitch’s visual development
  • Recruited and managed a small team of artists as part of the production process
Freelance Animation Intern: Gifted Creative, December 2015 - December 2016
  • Contributed animation skills and expertise as a member of freelance artist collective
  • Consulted with head of collective to develop animated short advertising collective’s services

Freelance Animator: Oxinfree Studios, November 2015 - February 2016
  • Produced animation and assets for Adobe Flash based short
  • Collaborated with crew members to maintain consistency and quality in cloud based production environment 


Short Films and Collaborative Projects: 

  • Collaborator: “GemAnimate 3: Let's Only Think About Love”, 2020
  • Collaborator: “GemAnimate 2: The Answer”2017
  • Maya Animator and Toon Boom Animator: “Father”2017
  • Stop Motion Animator: “Aurora”2017
  • Stop Motion Animator: “Systems”2016
  • Maya Animator: “Get Well Soon”2016
  • Director: “Travel Companions”, 2015
    • Screenings at 27 film and animation festivals across six continents 
    • Best Animated Flick, Best Overall Flick (Flick: the Fledgling Filmmaker’s Festival)
    • Nominated: Best Emerging Filmmaker (Emerge Film Festival)
    • Semifinalist: Best Animated Short Film (Elche International Independent Film Festival)
  • Toon Boom Animator: “Phylactery”, 2015
  • Maya Animator: “Bat Dance”, 2015
  • Maya Animator: “Plank”, 2015
  • Flash Puppet Animator: “Azadae”, 2014


Savannah College of Art and Design, BFA Animation, summa cum laude, 2015
  • Earned four year BFA in three years while maintaining high academic standing
  • Senior thesis film chosen as part of the juried Animation Graduation Showcase
  • Organizations: Contemporary Animation Society, SCAD Queers & Allies, SCAD Drumline

Skills and Programs:

Skilled in animation, audio and video editing, storyboarding, illustration, interpersonal communication, task-management, and problem solving.
Experienced with Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Maya, Toon Boom Harmony, Storyboard Pro, Foundry Nuke, Dragonframe, Microsoft Office Suite. Mac and PC proficient.